Thomas goes on holiday!

For those of you who know our little dog Thomas, you know he is very well loved and looked after, which wasn’t the case the first 8 years of his life, when he was tied up on a very short chain, was lucky as and when he got food and water and had live through all seasons the gruelling sun and the freezing cold of winter. Unable to cope with seeing this darling dog in such horrid circumstances, my friend Jane and I stole into his garden in the dead of night, undid and did back up again his collar and this is where Thomas’s story begins.  He was hardly surprising a very anxious,neurotic little dog to start with. Three yeas on what we have is the most loving, cuddly and sweet natured little dog you can imagine. Well Thomas has had a long hard slog of it this summer literally working at being a comfy dog 24/7 as they say, so as we are pretty tired too we decided the three of us should go on a break.


First stop one of our most favourite places in the world the Lac St Croix. Thomas started jumping with joy even before we got there.IMG_3952

Led by Thomas we found our favourite picnic place and settled in ,the beach was empty, apart from the strange little stone structures neatly set about on the beach. Thomas and I could not make head nor tale of them from a distance so we made our way across the hot pebbly beach to where a large and happy stone family some with hats some without where looking out across the late with a sense of satisfaction that they were there at all and indeed in such intriguing configurations. So entranced was I by these stone figurines that I did not hear Thomas’s pleas to take his photo in his favourite spot!


 After a yummy picnic and many long and luxurious swims. Not Thomas of course ! he prefers not to get his toes wet.  We meandered our way back to the car and around the lake to a spot we have not come across before. We hope we will go back it is so pretty!


Still no photo of Thomas which is sad and which he is totally confused by. You take your dog on his own special holiday and then don’t take photo’s for all his loved ones, what sort of dog person are you??? Although a dachshund came over to play with Thomas for hours in the shade of the tree and that made his day!

Time to leave,  through amazing country side all the way we arrived at our studio destination at 6pm, just under the village of Bonnieux,we have absolutely amazing views and are very comfortable, and finally I have taken a photo of our Thomas not too flattering but at least its a start!!


First port of call the supermarket, unimpressed at these proceedings Thomas resolutely stayed in the car. Next a bit of lunch back at the little house and then off we go to Roussillon where Thomas has the best time ever, at least a thousand wee’s and many little and big dogs to say hello to, we went on the walk of the ochre rocks it is indeed stunning and according to Thomas a fab place for little doggies.

How excited was Thomas when he met so many of his friends on this walk.

A really beautiful walk through an almost strange land.


Of course we got so hot after out walk, we had to stop for ice cream and water, then I took Thomas and David to the little Village of Murs which I found so beautiful the last time I was here. Thomas declined the invitation to get out and take a look at the stunning view, preferring to snooze in the shade of the Cypres tree, no other dogs no other cats, not much interest for a small dog!


Handsome hubby in front of great view.

And so that was out sight seeing with Thomas. We managed to find out way home just. Then David took me to a fabulous restaurant in Menerbes called Verandah for my birthday treat. It was delicious from start to finish.

Thats all folks from Thomas for for now he is need of a well earned rest!!!


  1. Trévor ZUTSHI

    Glad you all had a fab time.  belated Happy birthday Tess.  We love Lac st Croix, so does old Pickle he actually swims there, even though he is not that keen on water sports.  we have s ome lovely pictures of him playing with a little boy and stick in the Lake.  have not seen tose darling stone figures, especially the one with the ‘hat’ staring out over the lake…Love Anne         > Message du 11/09/16 12:45 > De : “Tessas Painting Trips in Provence” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Thomas goes on holiday! > >

    Tessas Painting Trips in Provence posted: “For those of you who know our little dog Thomas, you know he is very well loved and looked after, which wasn’t the case the first 8 years of his life, when he was tied up on a very short chain, was lucky as and when he got food and water and had live thro”


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