Adieu Camargue


I think an angel woke me up this morning at 5.30 am just so I could see this fleeting image of the moon as she was dissapearing bathed in the red lights of the morning sun. I seem to have been given the bonus of two early bird herons. And if that wasn’t enough I have a few more photos for you.


This little water rat positively glowing in the setting sun, Sadly I missed the black swan waddling a long in slow pursuit.


And the sun has almost set and I am off to bed.


And to start my day today here we are! Not bad I say.


Of course I painted, quite a lot really here are one or two.



And my last photo of the day a rather pretty Aigrette, or Egret.


I will be having a painting trip in the Camargue next year from June 9th – 11th, if you think you would like to come on this great trip and even go horse riding please visit my site Paint Provence with Tess and go to the booking page. I look forward to seeing you there.



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