Wishing for the New Year and hoping for better days

I have been feeling very wistful about my painting trips. I have missed them so much this year and all the lovely people that come on them. I am hoping so much that I will be able to start them again next year. Here in Provence in April and Cinque Terre Italy in May. Being a traveller it has felt strange not going anywhere.

We are the lucky ones though living in the countryside, walking in the vineyards we know so well and call home. We haven’t been to our local market in Lorgues and we haven’t seen our friends or family. Thank goodness for the internet, FaceTime, zoom, WhatsApp, messenger and oodles more.

Good to see people on the screen but there is nothing like a jolly good laugh and a hug with loved ones.


I have been teaching on Zoom and after a few hiccups it has been going very well. I will be letting you all know soon about my zoom lessons, I only take two of you at a time so you get a lot of teaching in the two hours, singing and laughing are also included. Leave me a note if you are interested. But it is not quite the same as being with you.

A Fiery morning yesterday
Sun setting not far from here painted on my ipad

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