Chateau Saint Foy

 The weather is idyllic, very cold at night and warm enough to paint in the vineyards in the afternoon. These beautiful vines are part of a Chateau called Saint Foy, I don’t know the wine itself but the Chateau is very beautiful and I cooked there once. I can’t remember what I cooked or who it was for, but the Chateau itself is lovely inside.

All the vines are being pruned ready for the winter so I was crossing my fingers that the ones I was painting wouldn’t be pruned before I got there again. I was lucky!

There has been a bit of cat and mouse at my studio. A few mice too many I discussed with my land lady about getting a couple of cats, her cat Lizzie died a while back hence the tiny furry visitors finding their way back into the warmth of an old country house.

The next day two cats arrived from a campsite, Alfie and Poppy. Poppy happily settled in and Alfie totally traumatised managed to do a runner. I put food and water down in the garage for him in the vain hopes he would return instead we have a rather stunning looking invador cat. Whose only desire is to chase my poor little Poppy who is terrified of other cats! Hey ho Cat and Mouse, but at least we no longer have mieces!


Poppy making sure I am working on my computer properly. The best little studio cat with half a tail! I am having to keep her in so invader cat doesn’t have her guts for garters.


Very loose water colour, took two afternoons.


A l’attaque.. fast and furious watercolour rushing whilst I still had some light.

I am very happy to say that my painting trips are filling up for next year, I only have a few places on the Antigua Trip if you want to get out of the cold climes and go somewhere warm. Antigua has barely been touched by the hurricane so it was very lucky unlike it’s neighbour Barbuda who was so badly hit.

If you think you would like to join me on one of our trips please visit my website paintprovencewithtess



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