May May glorious May

My little rose garden at the back of the house has started to fill with roses with scent from heaven. Come and paint them with me.
Swept with yellow broom
The scent of these broom is so sweet and succulent I feel I could feed myself from their smell so divine that it is.
Ha Ha the pergola we put in last October finally has it’s long awaited friend wisteria to adorn it through the summer months. Hopefully next spring it will be a garland of purple.
I love this rose so pink and pretty
Artichokes have gone mad in the veggie patch
The coo coo is a cooing through the open window, the nightingale was singing from the top of the tree last night for all to see and all to here, proudly turning her head this way and that as if to say, bet you can’t sing like me!
Soon to be eaten sweet little artichoke.
A riot of fresh herbs for the salads.
The last of the iris’s in the garden, now it is all poppies and long grass.
We took the day off yesterday and rented a pedalo on the Gorges du Verdun the most glorious of days off.
Melted snow water fall, very cold to swim under!

IMG_3481 IMG_3485

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