We went to Lorgues for the day

In Lorgues
Pretty gates and plain trees, shadows on the road. The road seems a little curvy but the rest is undisturbed!
Florence on her lunch break.
The lovely Florence who was happy to spend all day painting in Lorgues, which was such a good idea, we had much interest from passers by who were all so polite and friendly. We had even taken up a much sought after parking place and when the drivers saw us painting, they smiled, complimented us and drove on in search of another place to park.
This just happens to be one of my most favourite houses in Lorgues, so I was happy as happy that Florence also wanted to paint there. I mean really how pretty is this? And what is more the lady who owns it came out to chat to us, she is half French half American, apologised for not chatting longer and asked me if she could buy my painting of her house. Not bad me thinks!
A very pretty and gentle painting by Florence.
La maison rouge sur le square a Lorgues
A rather robust and lively painting by me.

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