Well it couldn’t be more fun

Starting our day, car loaded to the gunnels with art materials, picnic, chair tables and painting boards we just managed to fit in and drive the splendid drive to Tourtour.


Great concentration looking into the misty blue mountains rolling on one after the other. We had the pleasure well for some of us of a local lady playing the organ in the church she did miss a note or two but who minded??? We were getting pretty chilly and the candles were warming our chilly bones.


With the rain threatening us over head we decided to eat our lunch pretty quickly and then went for a walk around this lovely medieval village. Still a bit cold a hot chocolate became quite enticing.


What a merry time, and time to leave Tourtour instead we decided to go to my studio and found the weather down the hill altogether more pleasing so we picked some bursting figs and took them home to paint them. A lot of beautiful paintings were created today and tomorrow I shall ask their creators if I may post them on my blog.

Sadly the rain followed us down the hill and we were rained off!!! but not to bad really as a sumptuous dinner was soon to cheer us all, and goodness knows we had a great dinner with loads of side splitting laughter a great way to end a day.


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