Am procrastinating?

Why not come and paint-provence with me this year my websites will be up to date by the end of next week. So you will be able to see all the places we go and indeed some of the wonderful work by the wonderful students.

Or just being sensible. I am in my studio and have been for the last three days. I have websites to update, marketing and ooh la la the very thought of it ‘social media’ greatly helped by both my sister Candy and my cousin Kara. I feel as though I have been Instagraming myself senseless but actually I have only posted a few times. It is a whole new experience for me.

So instead of my websites which are actually on the very top of my priority list, I have been cleaning out my studio, tidying and organising my paintings, who unlike my husband very much like being put in order!

January 2016, I have good feelings about this year, lets hope they turn out right. I think sorting through all the clutter and discarding everything that I don’t need and throwing away the bad paintings is actually a very good way to start the year and will leave the space for me to work in without having a cluttered mind.

A little bit of sorting.





IMG_5111 (1)

All the above are now sorted and in folders, I think I shall have a spring sale. Why not

All the below are still on my studio floor waiting for to create.


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