Happy Christmas

Dear All,

We have started our Christmas with a bigger splash, 20 dear friends here for a big Turkey lunch, followed by the best apple crumbles and pies ever. One was Swedish, another English and yet another Irish. There must be a joke in there somewhere. Then our friend Janet with her electric piano led us in the Christmas classics, great joy, great food and great friendship. We are off to the mountains tomorrow. Not much snow up there at the moment, thank goodness I don’t ski. I’ll be cooking, painting, walking and talking!!


These are my Christmas Flamingo’s or les Flamens Rose. I have just sold them to a good friend of mine. Looks like I’ll be heading for the Camargues in the New Year. They told me at the Bird Sanctuary there that January is the best time to go for the Flament’s Rose as this is their mating season, and all the males are seriously strutting their stuff to impress the ladies, so lots of black and vermillion wings stretching out.

Wishing all of you a very happy Christmas and New Year with lots of love and Good Cheer.


One Comment

  1. Sally

    So lovely to hear you had a great big festive lunch among loved ones. Safe travels and oodles of love, will await with baited breathe the new additions of more flamingos….


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