Nature Confused

I don’t know if any of you have noticed recently how confused nature is. Spring leaves are are bursting through their buds which are supposed to be their home over the winter months. Lavender is re flowering, the roses haven’t stopped blooming. The catkins on the hazelnut tree are as pretty and green as can be but not meant to appear until March. The mimosa is ready to show her glorious yellow. Our lilac tree is flowering! The bay tree is growing ecstatically. Almond trees are blossoming all around.

I keep telling them it is not time yet but no notice do they take. We haven’t had rain for months and it was 18 degrees the other day.

Cop 21 I think that is what the climate change conference between countries is called. Well they are saying that climate change has a lot to answer for now and are blaming many of the world wide atrocities on it.

Lets hope it is reversible!

In the meantime painting is one of the most peaceful past times I believe I could possibly have. Below is a cyclamen  I painted yesterday, I am quite pleased with it. It will be my 2015 Christmas Card.

IMG_5086 (1)

A beintot!


  1. Sheryl in Denver

    Your work is really lovely and reminds me so much of my mom’s watercolors. She would have loved to have taken your class. Maybe she is actually taking it from above. ^j^ I grow lavender but it is very asleep under the snow here in Denver. I am not a painter myself, but I love Provence and would love to visit your studio someday. Keep on painting, Tessa!


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