An English Holiday


‘Honey Bee’ by Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima, currently showing at Holbern House in Bath. This exquisite work of art is made from just one sheet of paper gold.

I arrived in London on Monday 9th and went to my cousins in Clapham, I stayed two nights and caught up with quite a few of my relatives which is why I came to England, catch up with the rellies!

Then onto Chorleywood to see my niece Katie in the lead of her school musical production of Sweet Charity which was excellent and well directed and produced. I was quite taken aback by the students who had wonderful singing voice, pretty good acting and rather marvellous american accents. And of course Katie who has a sublime voice. Well done Katie, your Auntie Tess is very proud of you!

Then on the road to Wiltshire to stay with sister Sarah and family, which started of splendidly well, much joviality was being had by all. Until, Paris, shootings, dead, maimed, Paris in shreds. No sleep, deep sadness, war torn countries, refugees, orphaned children sleeping in frozen woods. The world turns its eyes away from refugees to bombing terrorists, is this the answer I ask myself. Who knows, but lets not forget the innocent and helpless victims of war either. I probably shouldn’t say anything on my blog it is an art site after all.

I looked out of my bedroom window and thought of Paris, sorrow filled heart and the more I thought the more I saw how beautiful and peaceful the garden was looking and from a place of doom and gloom, hope seems somehow to spring eternal.

IMG_0455 (1)
The view from my window
The bench under the cherry tree

And then my painting of the bench under the cherry tree, trying to change the way I paint a little so this painting is an experiment, which quite a dry, large flat brush on dry. I will paint an oil painting of it when I get home and practise more for better effect.


I went to see Ben and Rebecca in their schools evening of poetry and prose written by both the lower and upper schools literature students and was again suitably impressed by the quality of work. Ben came second and Rebecca read quite beautifully, another proud auntie moment.

Then a day in Bath with my niece Kim, who has just finished her PHD in creative writing, so more proud auntie moments and we spent a lovely day together, chatting and catching up. Seeing the lovely work of art ‘Honey Bee’ and feasting on tea and cake. Scrummy! 

Bath. The Crescent

Off in the car again and a very windy and wet drive to Devon, so here I am with my sister Ellie having a wonderful and relaxing time.

Dog walking with her new one year old Collie called Gem is an absolute joy.




We are just off for another wonderful beach walk, I will write again soon. Sending you all my love.


  1. Sally

    What a fine old time you are having with your wellies and rellies!
    Some lovely moments bringing out your “Proud Auntie” smile.
    Loving the Honey Bee, magnificent x


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