Paint Provencer’s past present and future


Hello all you lovely ones who have been on the trips and who are still yet to come on the trips. I wanted to write a sort of letter to you all.

It’s been a very busy winter in my studio, painting, art classes, updating websites, that still need quite a bit of improvement but hopefully I will have the time to catch up next week.

I have been leaving my blog a little lonely lately, but now I hope to catch up. I was approached by a Gallery in Madrid, who I need to get in touch with, they liked my water colours of my flamingoes so hopefully I will be sending dome there soon.

As you know I went to Milan in the hopes of finding a gallery to show my works, I went to the affordable art fair, and now yippee doo I have four paintings on the way to hong kong for the affordable art fair there starting 11th May. Very exciting. So if any of you happen to be in Hong Kong do go and see.

Paintings on their way are!!!!!……


‘Sea of Peace’ 114x147cm acrylic on linen

IMG_5463 (1)

Iris in my garden 90x147cm acrylic on linen


sunset on the marshes camargue 90 x 147cm oil on linenIMG_0024

Les Marais

So I am crossing my fingers that they all sell and they want me to paint some more.

My first paint provence of the year is starting on May 14th with the lovely Holly, so I am very much looking forward to this trip.  I miss all of you paint provence 1,2,3,4 and 5 and very sorry I haven’t been in touch much. I do think about you all a lot and hope I see your lovely faces soon and hope that you are all very very well.

My Thursday morning classes are still going strong and Gilly is painting amazing paintings with her left hand. Today we came across the most glorious filed of poppies I have ever seen. Tomorrow I will go and take photo’s but in the meantime you will have to make to with my unfinished (but nearly fnished’ poppies.


With lots and lots of hugs good memories and love to you all


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