Vernissage au Grand Cros


I had a lovely turn out and sold a few paintings which made me very happy. The evening was very sweet and calm after my rather rushed and hectic activity getting it ready!! Very interested french locals found it quite amusing that and English woman is paint provence, but as I told them I feel as though it is ‘Ma Provence’ I have lived here for 30 years and have been painting provence for all those years too, I feel I know the countryside and all that it offers quite a bit more than a few of the locals!! Or am I too cheeky?


On the orange wall my paintings oil on linen of the Camargue marshes. I am in love with the Camargue and it is one of my favourite places on the planet to visit and paint in.


Flamants Roses whose movements are so hard to capture they stand still for about six seconds then move rapidly for a further six and then stop again, I have to be there with paint brush filled with paint ready to sketch fast fast fast. I paint my oil paintings from my watercolour sketches.


My friend Alison was taking these photographs heaven knows what we were talking about!


Poppies of course are abundant in May in Provence, I rather like this photograph as their clothes match the colours!


The Gallery filling up, my friend Vonny and her friend who plays guitar brilliantly ( I cannot remember his name ooh la la) played soft jazz all through the evening and Vonny’s golden and rich voice kept me calm. Delightful thank you Vonny! I made the food with my dear friend Janet, the canapes went down well.


A happy Tess photo, my artichokes in yellow frame and lots of yummy food. I am thinking of doing the Vernissage all over again in August on a Saturday or a Friday, but not on a Tuesday not really the right night of the week!!


Iris from my garden seem  to go rather well with my dress. And with this happy shot I now must go to work doing my other job, cooking. So not sure if I will be painting for the next two weeks. But what I do have this summer for the first time is teaching two one week art courses one to one which I am very excited about. If you would love to come and paint provence with me please go to my website at the head of this page.

One Comment

  1. Antonia

    It looks wonderful Tess. Lovely paintings, yummy food, great photos. Felt like I was there and congratulations on the sales. Love your blog, love you xxxx


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