What a great week

Every time there is a Paint Provence here there is laughter and love all around and this week has been no exception. First Mary and Tammy arrived on the TGV from Paris, Louise arrived in the afternoon in Nice and Yee arrived by TGV in Les Arcs. My lovely friend Janet cooked dinner for us.  On Sunday we spent the morning in my studio and in the afternoon swimming in the pool and early evening painting seemed in order.


Tour Tour as usual on Monday, I love taking people there, so many oohs and ahh’s and ooh la la’s.


What a view for a Monday morning. In the morning we painted the endless hills and in the afternoon we painted the view over the village to the church.


Works of art in progress.


We wished Tourtour a fond farewell and off we went back home to another amazing dinner!IMG_1345.jpg

We had a family and paint provence Barbeque, Jack my step son and his cousin Katie and Sally and Neil and David were there along with our lovely Lucy. Here we are at the end of the dinner sitting under the medlar tree.

Tuesday of course was market day and then painting in the vines in the heat of the afternoon. Brave Tammy and Mary, it was very hot!!IMG_1367IMG_1365IMG_1364IMG_1363

That’s all for today more tomorrow.

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