Working hard and having fun. I don’t know if any of you remember my watercolour abstractions of the River Loup that I painted last year. This year I am working on the water colours and changing them to oil on linen. It is quite hard and I keep questioning myself but the out come seems quite jolly.




For six years I had the good fortune to stay with my dear friend Alison at Rose Cottage at Pont sur Loup, her garden reached down to the river Loup where dragon flies dance and light flickers through the lush green leaves and the mountains stand solid behind. The snow fresh water caresses her way over long since smoothed rocks, into glacial pools whose fresh coolness brings you so alive that it’s not only the dragon flies dancing for a moment or two. I miss going there but the memories are beautiful and although my paintings don’t depict the real beauty of the pool, but I feel as if I am there when I am painting them.


and just one more


I have a few more to paint for Monaco and then watercolours for Venice and Ferrara. Busy, busy and busy.

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  1. Charlie

    Very lovely so nice to see such colours. Reminds me of that amazing water , and the fun we had there. Such a joy to enjoy it with you and Alison.


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