Now it’s 2016 that is dissapearing! Not much time before the 10% off all my painting trips for 2017 sale closes.

I just managed to finish this painting as the vineyard workers were making their way up the hill slowly but surely pruning the vines ready for the winter and the new vines to come in the spring.


I was talking to Fabrice the head Irresistible at Chateau vigneron who told me this year’s crop is one of the best for quite a few years. There had been great anxiety because of the draught, everything was withering. The perfect amount of rain fell at the end of August to fill the grapes full.  Juicy and delectable. I have to admit to eating a few on our walks with Thomas.

I  am thinking about and planning Paint Provence with Tess trips for 2017 and still have the 10% discount off all painting holidays with me for 2017, so if you want to save some money please book soon!

I am thinking of adding a trip to Antigua in November 2017, according to the Antiguan tourist board this is a very good time to go on holiday there.

I am also planning my water colour classes for Winter/Spring 2017 and the dates will be up shortly. I will be going to Aix en Provence to teach watercolours as well so if you are there and want some lessons please email me . My contact  details are at the top of the page.


I looked out of our living room  window this morning and this is what I saw. Irresistible, I had to take a photograph, 1 centigrade and the ground covered with a delicate frosting of sparking crystals. The branches melting and droplets shining in the sun. Our medlar tree is also still in bloom it has been for over a month now, which is quite unusual. Maybe it knows all the bees need feeding. There is a constant buzzing of bee music outside the window. Bee rhapsody in B major! Enough of that I am feeling very silly this morning. 


I’ll write one more blog before Christmas. I am planning my next years classes and hope to be putting lessons up on line if I can master it. Wishing you all a lovely week and happy seasonal activities.

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