Golden hues slowley dissappearing into the earth.


Trying out different things. Having just painted a more organised painting of the vines, I decided to paint a more higgelty piggelty version. I drew the last one and for me I took great care, something I am not prone to doing when I paint with water colours, I usually prefer to paint very loosely and let the colour make the painting rather than the pencil.

So the painting below which is not quite finished yet was free flow and I did not draw first. I have been going to an art class (sadly not very regularly) on a Monday evening in Draguignan with a fellow artist friend of mine. It is a nude study class and I have been feeling quite lost. I am so used to painting en plein aire and straight with brush to paper that in last night’s lesson pencil in hand and nude on table, I was barely able to draw. A little to our teachers consternation I decided the best option for me to loosen up was to paint in water colours with a large brush. No longer inhibited by the end of the lesson I was able to draw.

I need to remember this when teaching my own students. Each person needs to be able to paint in their own unique way and the job of the teacher is to help them improve in their own unique way. So if I find myself trying to teach someone how I paint rather than help them with their own painting then I am forgetting a valueable lesson.


I have space on a Thursday morning if anyone locally wants to learn to paint and I am also running short courses at home for those who would like a small break away and some concentrated lessons.


Hopefully I will finish this this afternoon. I painted it on a rather more grey day than the photograph I took above  Just really feeling how lucky I am to be lviing in this amazing country side.

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