Some adventures can be shared.

It’s a long time ago, but all these memories are suddenly blasting themselves into my minds eye. It is all because Paint Provence is going to Antigua. Antigua brings back so many memories.  I used to work on a sailing boat called Mystere of England, I was chief cook and bottle washer. In November 1986 I started out on my first crossing of the Atlantic ocean. We left Palma very late and had Christmas half way. It has become a treasured memory. Although, at the time life on the ocean waves could be anything but appealing.

Some of the treasures I have in my life now are the people who I adventured with. Ralph was on my first crossing along with Mick, Eric, Nina and Alan. Thirty years later David and I are spending New Years Eve with Ralph and his wife Françoise. Dear friends all this time.


The pictures above were taken on our way to the Galapagos in 1987. The top two are a bit fuzzy, sorry about that. I have just been frantically going through piles of long forgotton photos to see if I could find at least one of me at the helm of ‘Mystere’ but these are what I came up with. There I am in the pulpit with a blue footed booby in the Galapagos, we were just sailing in when the boat was surrounded by these beautiful tame birds, whose great delight it was to land on us and the boat. The seals oh wow, we lay on the beach with the seals we cuddled up close and they to us. I am not sure I knew how blessed I was in those days.

On our adventure to the Galapagos we were, Eric the captain, Mick, me, Scottie and Angelika. Angelika who we almost lost at sea, but that is another story. Angelika lives just down the road from us, funny how lives turn out.

Then there was poor old sad and “Lonely George’ the giant tortoise who can just be seen behind the gate that kept him away from all the tortoises. He was unique, no other tortoise like him, they searched for a mate but could not find one! So instead of just letting poor old lonely George be with friends they kept him seperated from happiness for the rest of his lonely life!! Thats a sad story for New Years eve, but George is in heaven amongst loved ones now!!!

The top left photo is us being towered over by a giant tanker going through the panama canal. That was a huge aventure as well. Maybe it is time for me to start writing about my adventures. I have had a few! That great big tankers Captain helped me out as did the chef on board. I had not been able to get any cream in Cristobel and Eric got me to ask the Captain over the radio if i could have a litre of cream, I was very reluctant and rather embarressed but they kindly tied up a litre of cream and somehow managed I cannot remember how to get it onto our boat!


Reggae music Shirly Heights a must on a Sunday evening to watch the sun go down, and me in my earlier days, much slimmer and a great wearer of hats as often as possible.

There is just one place left on this Paint Provence with Tess in Antigua adventure so if you fancy coming along, book now!!

A very big and Wonderful Happy New Year to you all and May there be Peace in 2017.


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