Our House In Provence

It is going to be very cold tonight and we are the lucky ones down here in the South. The Scandanavian freeze is covering France and just managing to leave us alone. So I am even more excited about out trip to Antigua than you can imagine. I am also very excited about our up coming trips here in our pretty paradise in Provence.


I don’t really like winter at all, I don’t like the cold and that is one of the reasons why in 1985 I moved to the South of France, not forgetting my poor severed heart, totally broken and torn apart!  The warmth and the sun and the glorious sea and landscapes kept me here all these years. Apart from my 6 years afloat on an ocean going sailing boat!


I can’t help the moment the winter solstice has passed I think of longer days, of mimosa tulips and daffodils. Of almond blossom that smells of honey, perfumed lilac, of spring grass so green and fresh. The dew of the early morning and the mist as the gently carresing sun teases the grasses and the ground and the spring flowers sparkle. The pretty pink of the japonica. I can never get bored of these pretty flowers just waiting to be painted.


A little painting painted with my left hand.

Spring is so beautiful here I have put a Paint Provence with Tess trip from 29th April-5th May. I already have a few interested people, so I am looking forward to a spring trip.img_3179

Pretty enticing really!


Painting in the Spring, so warm we are using the sun shades!


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