1989 Provence Alpes Côtes’Azur

I have three places left on my April 29th-May 5th all information on my website paint provence with Tess also the cooking and painting trip is coming up on May 20th-27th if you want to learn some great provençal dishes, go to some great markets and then paint wonderful provençal scenery then this is the trip for you!

In 1989  I bought this beautiful little house perched high on a small mountain top above the village of Menton and on the border of Italy. In those days it was simply Les Alpes Maritimes, this region has now become PACA. Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur. Maybe the Alpes wanted a little of what Provence had the allure and fascination of so many visitors. But it need not have been envious. I think the mountains are the most beautiful place I have ever lived.

St Agnes 1.jpeg

The prettiest village that ever there was! The village was built on the very top of the mountain dating back to 300ad, quite a lot of the ruin still remains and is just a steep 15 minute walk straight up to reach it!

The village that is standing now was built in the 1oth and 11th Century. I am not sure how old my little house was but it was pretty ancient.

St Agnes.jpeg

My little house.

St Agnes 2.jpeg

Me about 25 years ago sitting on a wall high above Menton. The beautiful little Italian (now french) town, on the border of Italy with its most stunning indoor marketIMG_0764.jpg

Part of the outside of the very splendid Menton Market. I used to take the long and sometimes dangerous walk down the mountain and into town to the market, unlike my friend Jean-Claude Godot I took the bus back up whilst he walked back up.


The walk up to the church.


A view to the sea from the steps to the church. Menton has a micro climate and stays warm even in winter. It is famous for it’s orange and lemon festival, which must be happening very soon. Early March, here is a link if any of you decided to come over here and see it! http://www.fete-du-citron.com/programme-de-la-fete-du-citron-menton/

St Anges will forever be in my heart. Having spent many years on a boat cooking and before that working in Restaurants, it is here that I planted my roots and started a new life. It was my paradise, I started to paint again. I had become so locked into catering that I neglected my artistic side. I painted almost daily, I walked with Jean-Claude, Jean-Claude and Jerome in the mountains at sunset. So glorious to see the sun rise and the sun set on the sea. The sea influenced my paintings for many years to come.

Looking out to Sea. Promenade des Anglais. Oil on Linen.jpg

This tryptich is hanging in a house in Chamonix.

IMG_2136 3.jpg

The above rose painting is the second  of five. Below is number three.



  1. Lee I

    Menton is such a lovely area. Lots of things to see. Does your small uphill village have a name? Somewhat to the east of Menton, we had a brief visit to the Principality of Seborga. There was a big wedding going on, and we took photos of the wedding party, but it somewhat limited regular touristing.


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