Adieu Antigua, à l’année prochaine.

Oh my goodness it has already come to an end. David and I are heading back to Provence tomorrow, where very soon I will be having another painting trip at home!

I hope I speak for everyone! We had a wonderful week filled with joy, laughter and a lot of painting. We had our little show on Friday where the group put their paintings out from the week and I was quite surprised how many paintings they all had painted. I am just putting a few of my favourites up but first I am putting up my thank you card painted by Myra, whose wonderful paintings you can see on her website.


I hasten to add that Myra has made me at least 20 kilo’s lighter than I actually am, so thank you Myra for the slim gift!

Sadly my photo’s of everyones work are not very good as the sun was going down and the light in the room was not good enough and my photo’s have not done their paintings enough justice. When you all get home and are over your jet lag please send me photo’s of your work to put in the student’s gallery. Thank you!


Kathleen Hall’s beautiful and moody palm trees painted on our first Sunday rather grey afternoon.


Susan Hohn’s delicate and beautifully painted palm trees on the terrace of our villa.


Hisako Johnson’s unfinished painting of Clarence house, she will finish painting this when she gets home. Hisako’s is beautifully executed and delicate.


Myra Lobel’s fabulous rich colours so freely and warmly painted. Myra please send me some good photo’s of your work when you are home so I can put them in the student gallery.

I have to say I am so impressed with everyone’s work and enthusiasm. Thank you all so much for making this painting week and perfect week for me.

I can’t leave out the beautiful Michelle and her husband Alan who were on this trip and contributed to making it such a joyful and interesting one.

I love you all!

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