The week that was

Lavender fields Provence
Lavender by Marjorie Dorin

Over now, it has almost been a week since my last Paint Provence with Tess trip finished. It was very hot! I had the privilege to have four extrememly hard working students who pushed themselves hard to search out more creativity and ability. They did themselves proud and me.

I haven’t yet had persmission to show everyones work so the above is a work in progress by Marjorie who painted some serioulsy beauitful paintings. And below a lovely one that Victoria painted in Tourtour and a beautiful one of Victoria and a few of her paintings.


The heat was intense, actually it still is so I haven’t a brain cell left for any kind of interesting writing. So here are a few of my paintings to enjoy and I will write soon.

IMG_6691 2

Lavender Provence
Lavender fields by Tessa Baker


Lac St Croix. Gorges de Verdun
Lac St Croix and the Village of Bauduen in the distance


A bientôt

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