The last goodbye

Well and truly over! My eldest sister Candy left today to go back to Australia, we have had a few special days together mostly painting and a little going about the place. Candy and I spent the morning in my studio. Not sure what she wanted to paint with Candy wrapped mixed media around her yet untouched paper!


So what do we have here? Inks, oil pastels, chalk pastels, water colours, charcoal, acrylics and I think thats about it! A great painting of the Lascau caves was to follow but sadly I don’t have the photo of it.

Whilst Candy created I painted more thank you cards.

IMG_0199 2


Then we went off to Tourtour.


A delicious risotto to end the day and then off to Lac Sainte Croix the next day.

Beautiful colours at the lake.

Before the storm!

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Back in the swing of things I will write soon.



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