Cubby my painting companion

IMG_0819 2

I am on my way home. A smooth and traffic jam free drive from Wiltshire to Gatwick so now I have a few hours to spare. I am going to miss a London day and add it tomorrow.

This is Cubby my sister Sarah’s new family addition. A Welsh Springer and ten weeks old, he is adorable and all the cute words you can think of for a delightful, playful puppy. Who helped me paint two days in a row, he knocked my water into my paints, landed his paws in my paint and stole my daubing paper and managed to cover his paws in blue and his face in red! What Fun!

IMG_0825 2

I love these beautiful smoke bushes with their fiery leaves.

It is amazing how time just gallops and dissapears, maybe not so amazing but slightly worrying. My youngest sister Sarah has just dashed from naught to fifty in a few seconds and she has even managed to have two almost grown up children and that very short space of time. So more Big 00’s this year. Sarah’s weekend was rather calmer than mine. Apart from Cubby who between taking naps is into everything and biting everything even noses if you are foolish enough to huzzle him, which most of us are.


I painted these two when I was here last year. I wanted to try something a bit different this year and my finished large painting was great fun to paint.

IMG_0820 2

I bought such heavy paper that I could not roll it so it will have to wait until next year before I can pick it up and take it home.

My next post will be about my painting courses and weekends and about London, which I have to say was a blast. I had the best time ever.

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