On my back home

It is going to be hard to leave this colourful Island and I can’t wait until I come back next year. I have had such an amazing time. The two fabulous weeks of teaching my wonderful students and the last few days on my own. Not forgetting my beautiful friend Anna.  I have caught up with friends from my yachting days 30 plus years ago, I have made new friends. I went to two parties on Easter Sunday. A beach picnic at Half Moon Bay with good friends and then a BBQ evening with good friends from way back when. I walked into a stone on Half Moon Bay beach, I was so busy chatting, I didn’t see it, I think I have broken a toe, it is pretty painful, but if I don’t move it it seems to be ok!

The full moon on Saturday was so beautiful I rather wish I could have painted in the dark!


On Thursday we went to Shirley Height’s and the steel band were phenomenal. I can’t believe how very fast they move their hands and arms to get the brilliant tunes and notes they get. There was one young lad going so fast I thought he would explode. It reminded me of the days of whisking tons of mayonaise by hand because the head chef would not let me make with a machine!

I have been left to my own devices apart from visiting friends and am trying to get myself into a place of loving kindness before I get home. I am pretty horrible with jet lag. Everyone wants to run away from me. Ooh la la.


Luckily for all I have a very quick turn around and go with a student to paint in the Camargue for five days, which is a perfect way of getting my feet back on terra firma.

So I just want to say thank you Antigua for being so welcoming and thank you for sharing your Island Paradise.

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