Les Dames Farcies de Roussillon!

Ooh ooh ooh what a day!

We knew the weather would get bad, we knew we just had a small moment in the morning when the sun would shine just before the storm and the downpour. So off we hurried to Roussillon to paint.

Roussillon en Provence

What a beautiful view. Deciding that we had a small window in which to paint, I thought it would  be best just to practice mixing colours and just paint shapes and colour. We had a lot of people passing by and rather felt that we were one of the tourist attractions. Photo’s were taken of us painting every few minutes, with a few suprised comments here and there as no one really recognised what we were painting.

Meiling and Dominique painting in Roussillon

We just managed to finish minutes before the rain started to pelt down. We rushed to the nearest restaurant with the best view.

Our Restaurant

The food was amazing, the service wonderful and the views just stunning. We were without a doubt ‘les dames farcies de Roussillon’

The restaurant was started in the 1950’s by a chef called David and it is now his son is the head chef there. The food really was quite delicious. Full and happy we made our way through the black skies and pouring rain to the Okra Usine 2 k’s south of Roussillon where we were taught to mix pigment with egg yolk and with gum arabic. Jessica our teacher was very sweet.

Jessica teaches tempura

It was fun being reminded how similar cooking is to mixing paints. So with a bag full of pigment, gum arabic and chalk, we couldn’t get the fromage blanc the shops were shut today, but I knew we had one egg at the house, so we came home to play.

Our finished art work of the evening.

Dominiques AbstractionMeiling re invents Roussillon

And just for a querky ending. On the walls in our school room were these rather endearing pottery baths on the walls. I don’t know what else to call them but they reminded me of Joseph Albers one of my hero’s.

À trés bientôt. And last but not least quite a few of these photo’s were taken by Dominique and Meiling with one or two of mine.


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