Valensole en Provence

I close my eyes and I see endless fields of lavender, deep purple lavender swaying rythmically to the humming of the honey bees. It seems all of natures intentions are directed to the lavender even the mass of dark clouds looming low over the mountains are offering the lavender an even deeper shade of purple. the sun forcing it’s rays through the rain make the wheat fields dazzle apple green and bounce brightly off the lavender until it collides with the mountains and sky and drops again as rain.

Art in the rain in Provence


Lavender to infinityThe plateau gives itself willingly to the lavender, take me I am yours. There is something quite mystical about it. The butterflies don’t flutter by when I pass. Time stands still and still we hum.

Pretty pretty in ProvenceBeew a buzzing in Provencewho am I in Provence

A few of Lee and Mellissa’s paintings of the fields some of the paintings are unfinished.


Lee and Melissa deep in concentration.


A bientôt


  1. Lee Isbell

    I don’t know how Tess does it. She cooks and cleans up, she drives, she wrangles all our painting gear, she helps of individually on our paintings, even though we’re spread hundreds of yards apart down the fields, she arranges this beautiful location in the hills.

    Still, she finds time at the end of the day to create and post this awesome, poetic post about our day,

    Tess, where do you get the energy? I could use even an iota of it.


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