Walking with Anna. Palma de Mallorca

Another trip comes to an end. The last one of this year before taking Paint Provence with Tess to Lake Powell in Utah April 5th – April 13th 2019 if any of you are interested in seeing Antelope Canyon and amazing rock formations and desert come along on this trip I have two places left!

Paint Provence with Tess in Mallorca ended on Friday with a day walking around the old town. We had intermittent rain storms with bright sunshine, as expected the moment we went to find shelter the sun came out and the moment we ventured forth into the open air we were soaked by torrential rainfall. We managed to get to the Cathedral which for me is infinitely more stunning from the outside than the inside. Catherdral History in a nutshell. From 1229 -the early part of the 1900’s.

Stained Glass Windows. Cathedral PalmaCathedral Palma de Mallorca and Palm TreesCathedral Steps Palma de MallorcaCathedral Palma

Quite quite beautiful, I haven’t been inside the Cathedral since 1989 so it was well worth the visit. We then strolled along to Llojta, I think the most beautiful building in Palma, it was built in 1445 for merchants trading at that time as Mallorca became more influential and a place for ships to stop to sell their wares.

A stunning place to paint had I know or remembered.

The following Day Anna and I went for an amazing hike along the beautiful Mallorcan coast line. Here are some of the images. Next time I run a Paint Provence with Tess in Palma we will do part of this hike for those who want to come.

Anna walking

My Lovely friend Anna www.greenapplecoaching.com

With that I will say A bientôt


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