A different sort of morning

I cannot remember what these beautiful butterflies are called, I only know nature has disguised them with a real head one end and a painted head the other. I was watering my passion floor at home yesterday morning and this gorgeous insect let me take photo’s for at least five minutes, sadly this is the only one that was any good!
I am now at my friends house in Le-Bar-Sur-Loup, her garden leads down to one of the joyous rivers I have ever been to. The dragonflies are so very pretty, and they don’t seem to mind posing for me this year, last year they were quite camera shy, this one kept fluttering his wings, but I din’t have my list of instructions that my niece Rosie gave me by the river, but I feel pretty blessed to have this one colourful and elegant dragonfly.
I still cannot work out how to get the order of my photographs right, this shot was meant to be the last before Bob the cat as I call him, but named Tiddles by his owners!! The magnolia is also joyous, the scent divine, how lucky I am. Maybe a painting or two later if it doesn’t get too hot.
Oh you pretty things, tra la
Mr Bob or Tiddles!!! He has been following me everywhere since I arrived last night. I am here for a few weeks on a cooking job with lovely lovely clients I have known for years.

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