Things started out slowly today

image1 (2)As Susan pointed out today started slowly, well perhaps for this snail, snails were appearing everywhere after the huge rainfall last night. We went early to the market and started the day with breakfast at our favourite cafe.

IMG_4586 (2)Petit déjeuner au marche

   IMG_2153 (1)

Having toured the market from end to end we went for a little wine tasting


John and Tess posing for Ruth

image1 (5)

Having had an easy morning of it I got everyone hard to work in my studio and I am very happy with everyone’s work. Brilliant!


Bad photo by me, beautiful jug by Linda

IMG_4593 (1)

Wonderful drawing by John

IMG_4590 (1)

Beautiful leaf by Michelle

IMG_4588 (2)

Beautiful jug by Ruth

IMG_4587 (3)

Exquisite leaf by Susan

IMG_2185 (3)

Oh dear what is Tess doing?

Thank you all for a wonderful day


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