Do you know the way to Saint Tropez

Do you know the way to Saint Tropez
I’ve been away so long. I may go wrong and lose my way
Do you know the way to Saint Tropez
I’m going back to find some peace of mind in Saint Tropez

Well you’ve guessed it we went to Saint Tropez today and it was Les Voiles de St Tropez which is a classic sail boat regatta they have there at the end of every September. I have to say it was bursting at the seams with people but still it was fun.

too windy to sail

All the beautiful sailing boats had their sails very neatly tucked away, far too windy to sailing today. We were buffeted about as we walked the long walk from the far end of the car park to our painting spot, I had now idea how very busy it was going to be intact I have never seen it that busy for ‘Les Voiles’ and I just read on FB that it is the busiest it has ever been. Ruth on of our artists was here 50 years ago with her friend so it was quite a big step in time for her and of course St Tropez has changed quite a bit since then but she said she thoroughly enjoyed it.


John, Ruth and Linda painting the pretty fishing boats sitting so colourfully on the water’s edge.

IMG_4594 (1)

Whilst Susan and Michelle preferred to sit in the warm of the sun. Drawing boats is no simple thing, some of the angles can be quite perplexing!







Thats it for tonight folks

One Comment

  1. David Bevan

    It has possibly changed? When I was last there, there was only one way to St Tropez. It’s always nice to actually be there – getting there is another matter altogether.

    I may be missing the point, though? X


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