Kristi and Jean-Marcs house and our last day today


At the end of the day, yesterday we had a little group exhibition for the benefit of ourselves and Anna and David. Glass of rose in hand we surveyed the weeks work and I was very proud of the groups work. Well done Ruth, John, Linda, Susan and Michelle it has been a total joy having you here. So much fun, so much laughter and a lot of hard work, I will miss you all!


Anna cooked us another amazing meal last night, she made Paint-Provence a wonderful experience for me, I did not have to think about the food side of things for one moment. Anna provided us with sumptuous picnics and divine dinners. I have felt so spoiled, who could have asked for more.


Michelle our only beginner did an amazing job tackling a house with difficult perspectives in St Tropez and of course the beautiful poppies!


Michelle’s pretty blue boat.


Very good for a beginner I say!


Michelle and Susan best friends for a very long time and Ruth peeping through in the background 

A few of Susan’s fabulous paintings

IMG_4623 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4625 IMG_4632

An exquisite leaf by Susan

Below, master of the ink pen.. John’s paintings ad drawings

IMG_4619 IMG_4638 IMG_4658 IMG_4659 IMG_4660

John has the best sense of humour ever along with Susan and the rest of us added in our laughter knew no bounds!


Working away in the studio Linda produced some lovely work, Susan loves detail 

IMG_4630 IMG_4631 IMG_4655 (1) IMG_4614

And Linda taking a break for her picture to be taken

Ruth’s lovely and well thought out work below 

Absolutely beautiful

IMG_4637 IMG_4627 IMG_4618

Thank you all so much

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