The most wonderful of testimonials

Bursting fig tree outside my studio window

This lovely testimonial written for us by Ruth, thank you Ruth
If you want laughter and song, delicious food cooked by a French chef and the best rosé; if you want to breath air filled with the aroma of wild marjoram and mint; if you want to sit in a vineyard amidst turning leaves and taste the left behind grapes; if you want enthusiastic and excellent guidance painting with watercolours the scenery of Provence – the old towns, the hazy vistas, the ancient olive groves, the colourful flowers and trees, the St.Tropez fishing boats ; if you want to stay in an rustic old stone house with artistic, oh so comfortable interiors; if you want to be treated every day, all day with kindness and love; if you want to meet delightful people go on a Paint Provence Trip with Tessa Baker. Learning to paint with watercolours with Tessa was inspiring and rewarding. Now I see the world in a different way and I want to paint all the time. And I definitely want to go back.
Ruth Brock

And another wonderful one written for us by Sue, Thank you Sue

Paint-Provence – LOVED IT!! This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Tess provided wonderful instruction and Provence a scenic backdrop. We had limitless choices to grab our interest; it was only of a matter of which view to select and put brush to water and paper. No mistakes were made only “brilliant” brush strokes from beginners and genius alike. I can not thank Tess enough for the encouragement and believe I have found a friend for life.

Accommodations – The accommodations provided by David and Tess were wonderfully quaint and comfortable. Some may have described the scene as rustic, but it is traditional Provence in every sense. It was clean and well maintained. Set among vineyards and wild flowers – I had no problem finding a peaceful spot to sit, relax and breathe the fresh air. I can’t wait to return.

And another wonderful one written for us by John

Many years ago, from time to time, I drew objects and sceneries of interest. Then, along with age and other priorities my early flirtations with brush, pen and ink were forgotten. Then retirement struck. For something to do, I joined my wife for a trip to Provence to engage in a week of artistic direction and coaching under the guidance of Tessa Baker, a well- known local artist. It worked! I am now back home and awake to a surrounding of trees and the sea. I am ready to paint. The constant change of the seasons, the weather and light will now be put to canvas. Retirement is not so bad. Thank you Tessa.

Also for a peek into the wonderful time we had at Kristi’s please go to her site French Word a Day

I am already looking forward to the next trip on 17th October and am still smiling and full of happiness from the last. Thank you all so much

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