Paint Provence No 4

Hello everyone I have my new group here from various parts of the world and rather daunted to find they are all excellent artist. So I have a feeling that I might be learning quite a bit as well on this course which is rather nice for me.

The weather hasn’t been great so we went to my studio for a painting day.

Autumn leaves, such a beautiful subject at this time of year, all the yellows, oranges, and reds, deep burgundies and purple, not to ignore the fine lines of the spring green veins leaking into quinacridone magenta and then strolling along to deep cadmium red, stealing the show in small moments of time of space.

Then there is the leaf that is both green and pink/orange in one rich interesting colour whose hues competing  show through when a dash of light can make this perhaps ordinary little leaf into a self assured gracious little leaf.





My camera’s memory stick seems to have lost Meredy’s leaves but I will post them with this evenings blog.

Monday is Tourtour day and although this morning is not too bright this afternoon promises to be sunny and bright.

I am learning a lot from this group of great friends and have been old of groups I have never heard of. Urban Sketchers is one of them, this is a world wide group of sketchers who publish their work straight after sketching. Valerie pointed out that we much have one in France and indeed we do the link is I think I might look into joining, it can only help to improve my ability and makes me more apart of the global family which can only be a good thing. It is worth looking it up, and Ruth and John if you are reading this, John’s fabulous drawings would go so well with this group.

A plus tard!


  1. Michelle

    Wish I could be there! That group looks so talented and they already know their colors. I can’t wait to see what they can do in Saint Tropez. Miss you and your sweet home, and wonderful meals ! Ahh. Michelle


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