Fab Four Paint-Provence


The Fab Four Paint Provence. Plenty of wonderful paintings to behold. Today we went to the market and had a sumptuous market lunch in the hot sun under the hazelnut tree, and this afternoon we sat in a blaze of golden sunshine, splashed with crimson, red, purple, greens and   browns, glorious autumnal hues. Vines dancing, painting bliss!


IMG_4790 (1)

IMG_4788 (1)

IMG_4805 (1)


Yesterday morning we painted the house . In the afternoon we went to Tourtour.IMG_4763 (1)

IMG_4773 (1)

Sun setting over the distant hills. There is so much to write about and tonight it is late. We wen to our favourite restaurant  and had a delicious meal. Tomorrow we will sing our way to St Tropez, the Lac St Croix is going to be too chilly.

I think of you all, Hisako, Florence, John, Ruth, Michelle, Linda and Susan and everywhere we go you are all herewith me. Thank you

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