Milan, affordable art fair


On the train to Milan.

I came back from my cooking job in the mountains feeling disengaged with myself and my art. So I decided, instead of feeling sorry for myself I would be pro-active. Get my art out there! I have just signed a contract with a Gallery in Madrid who are going to take 6 of my works to the Art Fair in St Sebastien in Spain, which happens to be the Cultural Centre of Europe this year. A step in the right direction.


Still on the train to Milan, sea and sun on one side, the fabulous autostrada and snowy mountains to the other.


Not a very clear view, but it looks quite soft and romantic.

So now I am taking myself art book in hand to the affordable art fair in Milan today. I am nervous of rejection but really I should be used to that after all these year. Rejections and acceptances, what extremes they both bring out in me!


And this is the monumental train station. Apparently King Victor Emmanuel 111 laid the first corner stone in 1906. but it was Mussolini who finished it. It is certainly a Station of power!

I arrived at my hotel and safe and sound but in need of a walk, so walking I went, where did I go, only to the most expensive fashion area of Milan. The shops were stupendous and I don’t think I have ever seen such amazing window displays. I did not take photo’s but today after the art fair I will go again and take some photo’s too amazing to be missed.

Dolce and Gabbana even have their on Restaurant!


So it is on this note that I take my heart and my art in hand to find the art fair and perhaps another gallery to take me on, who knows, whatever happens this is a wonderful adventure. I’ll let you all know what happens.

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  1. Anne zutshi

    you really are very adventurous, going to Milan all on your own. i’ve never been to Milan – it is our my wish list. perhaps one day we will venture on the train like you and have a weekend there. good luck – much love


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