Blossom blossom everywhere


It has been a while since I have written. I came home from Milan only to return to a dear friend dying. We had the meal here at home after his funeral. A lot  of sadness has made a heavy heart. But the sun shone and flowers were everywhere, the blossom was and is blossoming and we had a beautiful afteroon and evening.


Thyme growing wild in the fields.

The funeral was on the Wednesday and Thursday morning was art class morning and I felt glad to have my lovely students there. 


This beautiful Hawthorn is now losing its flowers but our pear tree is laden in blossom. Time to get the paint brush out me thinks and paint some blossom, then there will be the iris’s and the poppies aren’t far behind. I am so lucky. Come and Paint Provence with me and let me share all this beuaty with you.


  1. Antonia

    So sad about our friend dying but the blossom promises renewal and re-birth. The eternal cycle continues. Would love to be painting Provence with you xxx


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