A lovely May Day

A beautiful sunny Sunday, lovely guests and dear relatives came to lunch, who sadly I don’t see very much. I was worried at 10 am it was still very chilly, and yesterday we had a massive thunder and lightning storm with pelting rain to bring the whole together into an exciting flashing grey was, with cracking sounds that would make the most stable of people jump! The photo below is a slightly out of focus photo of the table through our over laden Medlar tree.IMG_5489


So what did we have for lunch???

Rather cool Ratatouille, Tatziki , Humous, homemade mayonnaise, wild camargue rice with mushrooms cooked in tamari and ginger and a walnut and corriander pesto, um, green salad and I think that might have been it.  We finished with strawberry pavlova. Everyone went home after coffee, and I sat and luxuriated in the sun with the butterflies, birds and bees humming and flying by. Soaking in a moment of exquisite calm and beauty.

Heady with the pungent smell of honeysuckle and happy after a blissful moment passed, I plunged into our pool, 21 degrees. Well that’s enough to wake anyone up and get on with the washing up, oh yes and take a few photo’s below.


IMG_5495 (1)


I am back in the studio tomorrow painting and preparing for our next paintprovence holiday which we are looking forward to. We might even venture into another poppy field where the farmer is happy for us to paint.

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