I never did finish

Our holiday with Thomas, somehow life has it’s own way of taking over and all the little things that I promise myself I will find the time to do, I don’t. Weeks later here I am and our little holiday seems so long ago it’s as if it didn’t happen. But it did!

Just a few photo’s of the lovely places we visited. Then home we came and Jack came to stay for a weekend. My watercolour classes started again and I was busy preparing for an exhibition in Monaco and Venice. The Monaco trip was easy, I drove to where the art fair was and delivered my paintings to the Gallery, then went to the opening night on the Thursday. Irene said that there were very few people visiting the Fair and business was not too good. Which is a bit of sadness, but apparently a lot of people liked my work and the Gallery wants to keep me on and show my paintings in Madrid so I am crossing my fingers that I sell a few. Ooh la la!!!


Partial view of my paintings on the wall in Monaco.

Then a whirl wind trip to Venice and back which was quite a thing. Seven hours driving  non stop then arrived at my airbnb in Mira, really lovely apartment and so clean, I unpacked quickly, cleaned up and went to walk off my rather sore behind, I am not really used to sitting down. I stand when I cook and I stand when I paint, so I really stand all day. The walk was quite beautiful along the canal as the sun set, so calm and peaceful.

I started to worry about how I would get my paintings from the apartment to the Gallery in the middle of Venice. Finally after quite a bit of searching I worked out that I could drive to Venice and then park in a multi story carpark  in Piazzale de Roma ,then take my paintings a few at a time by boat bus. I didn’t sleep too well worrying about it so decided to leave at 8 am and I am so glad I did. From the tenth floor of the car park all the way down, then through a long corridor onto a a very busy pavement right around to the back of the building then onto the 5.2 boat bus and four stops later arrived in Guigli, then another longish walk to the Gallery. I did this journey 4 times, it took me two times to realize why everyone was walking along with various sized suitcases, it made carrying things easier. So I bought a cheap suitcase and cut down my boat/walking journeys almost in half. Still the journey was quite beautiful.

Really it is just so pretty.


By 12.30 I had blisters on my fingers and feet and was famished, I stopped for a bit to eat at this little canal side cafe. I was looking forward to some delicious Italian food but sadly it was very boring, ho hum!


I made my way back to my apartment rather sore and tired, I took the boat bus and then a bus, left my car in the car park to save being charged twice. Then after a little rest took the bus and then the boat bus back to the Gallery for the opening of the show.

The exhibition is not over yet so I am hoping  I still will sell something, who knows. I left early the next day and drove seven hours all the way home. I am still recovering!!


So a bientôt.

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