Venice and back

What a whorl wind of a journey again, going to pick my paintings up again. Cheaper for me to drive there and back than have them returned by a postal service. I had a relatively breezy drive there apart from adept manoeuvring or rapid lane changing to avoid the unconscious and arrogant driving of lorry drivers owning the road and overtaking each other on a whim without looking to see if anyone might just be in the lane they are swerving rapidly into. Apart from that the drive was breezy.  I had a nice cheap hotel in Mestre and went early the next morning to the Gallery. A very beautiful morning it was too. I arrived far too early of course so had time to take a few photographs.


10 am the Gallery owner arrived and the work boat arrived to take me and my paintings to the car back via the canals very pretty on a beautiful Autumn morning.

Just a few more.

So very pretty, I had thought I would go back in and paint, but after paying for the boat and the car park I decided that it would be far too expensive, so off I went to Ferrara where I thought I would paint as well. But, by this time I had a bad back and although the buildings were very beautiful I didn’t like Ferrara one bit and did not want to sit and paint there. Nothing like the eclectic energy of Venice, I love the energy there especially when there are fewer people. Still a few photos from Ferrara.

Then a long drive and hear I am ready to start up the painting days again.

I am going to art classes my self,  life classes, I haven’t drawn and painted nudes for so long  I am not doing very well!! All the things that I say to my students re now being said to me. OOh la la

Anyway keep posted I will write again soon.img_5940

Tomorrow is a painting day and here is Autumn on my terrace.

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