Perfect Provence

I keep forgetting to write about Provence!! and where I live. Here is the beautiful church of Tourtour  where we paint on day two of our painting trip in provence


Paint Provence students, Mary, Tammy, Louise and Yee posing before painting in Tourtour.


The amazing Gorges de Verdon is day three of our painting trip.


Below some more beautiful places we visit on the painting trip.

Some art for today.

I have started to experiment with my my ink air brush again. I bought it 20 odd years ago in an art shop in Vence and use it rarely. I have this idea for my rose paintings and below are the photos of  the start of the experiment.


So first I bought the roses, then I drew the roses, then I cut them out and then I airbrushed them on to the paper below.


Now I have started to paint in in watercolour, who knows what the finished result will be, but I am having so much fun.  I have been far too strict with myself of late which kills my spontaniety which in turn kills my creativity!


And there is my splodgy painting with me cushioned feet. I can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow. Come and have fun with paint provence .


  1. Sunny Fields

    Great artwork. Stunning location.
    Kirsti has connected you to her devoted followers who will be just as interested to connect to your story.
    But you do need to get the blog connecting with that link to keep them coming back.
    Lots of raves about anything and everything will keep them coming back – me included.
    I too have blog constipation. I am in the Loire Valley region and want to get some rentals happening when we are not there. So believe me, I shouldn’t be throwing stones.
    But when you have Kirsti’s contacts you are certainly being launched into the bloggers’ sphere!
    Bonne Chance!
    Sunny Fields


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