My Atelier in Provence

I am so lucky to have this amazing studio in St Antonin, about 100 square metres I think. A perfect place to teach when the weather is bad. A perfect place to paint and a perfect place to be.


This is the view through the class room into the room where I paint my oil paintings.


Beautiful roses waiting to be painted. So come and paint provence with me!!!


The little kitchen area.


I think I like the ones I cut out rather more than the ones I have air brushed. I had no idea what I was doing and still don’t so now I have made rather a mess which I don’t think I can rectify but at least it has all been a learning process.



IMG_0157 2.jpg

And then all the roses I painted before.  I have bought some yellow roses and I am going to try to tone down the colours of the inks and make it a little more simple. Who knows I might produce something pretty!!


  1. Joan Lippincott

    Tessa, I’m still trying to figure out how to come to your place in May for a week of watercolor. Please don’t give up on me. Kind regards, Joan

    Joan LaNoue Lippincott, PhD 52 West 12th Street New York, New York 10011 Tel. 212.691.2365



  2. Cathia Gantz

    I once read that about one in ten of a artist’s paintings really stand out in the context of their total works. If true it indicates we all produce our share of lesser works including, I assume, our “practice” pieces. It sure helped my confidence to believe this!


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