Video’s and Antiguan Beauty

Here I am again. Beautiful sunny Antigua and instead of enjoying every moment of warmth and beauty I have spent the last six hours trying to work out how to transfer a video from my friends Vimeo to my Vimeo so I can put my painting tips with Tess on my blog, I have been waiting for a month to do this and now I have them within reach it seems an impossible task for me to put them on my blog!!!

Well never mind. Here I am.


And here.


And here.


Yesterday I took myself for a long drive, long because I kept taking the wrong turnings. There was a sign then NO sign for miles. Ho hum, but I did eventually find Artist Gilly Gobinot in Fitches Creek whose water colours are very beautiful and whose colours really capture the Island. I am hoping that we will have the time for a demonstration of her work on Wednesday morning.

I have been practising different ways of painting bougainvillea, sitting on the deck of my studio, watching the humming birds who move far to fast for me to take a photo, and other little birdies who seem to love posing for the camera.


Here are a few of my experiments, hopefully with some practise I will make a beautiful painting.


Gently does it.


Mad splash.


Gently does it again.

Tomorrow one of my first painters arrives so I am going to enjoy  showing her some of the places I have been.

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