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I was cleaning the pool and the day was warm and languid. If a day can be that, or maybe it was me. Grass mowing, weeding, pruning, pool cleaning. I seemed to be going against the still sunny calm of the day. I kept looking over to the roses. I wish I had time to paint you I thought. Everytime I looked they beckoned me until finally I could bear it no more. I stopped cleaning the pool, dragged on the cover took out my paints and started.IMG_6216 2

Then the wind came, then the cats came. Stealth jumped up on the table and lay on my painting, cats seem to have a way with art! I gave up and went in the weather was cooling and brisk the wind was whipping up a frenetic energy. I thought whistfully that I have should have seized the moment earlier. Oh well I will paint tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and so did the clouds, no longer in a summer dress I sat wrapped in a blanked. So the rain came. Hey ho. Then I thought how lucky I am just to do this, just to be able to sit and paint in my garden and look at these beautiful roses. Of course I haven’t done them justice and the painting isn’t finished.  but for me nothing centers me more or calms me more than just sitting and painting in nature. How blessed I am.


I have two lovely people arriving on Saturday of a week of painting in provence with me so I will blog a bit more and if I could ever remember to do it Instagram. Everyone tells me it is the way forward, but I just don’t think of it. Also up soon are a few more day water colour classes. I shall keep you posted.  If you are interested in coming for a weeks painting trip please visit my site. Paint Provence with Tess. Thank you and see you soon.

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  1. Trevor ZUTSHI

    Lovely! We are in Nimes having a great stay visiting all the Roman sites and eating gourmet food. Visited Uzes for the same and Arles. Tomorrow, we drive to Camargue, pick up some wine from Cassis then on home. Loved having Tara and Andrew to share it with us.

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