Poppies of Provence to Palma de Mallorca

So here I am sitting in Marseille Airport waiting for my plane to Palma. Very exciting. I don’t think I have been there for almost 20 years. Somehow it feels like yesterday, it is still so vivid in my mind. My lovely friend Anna is picking me up at the airport and taking me to places to paint on our Paint Provence with Tess. I am looking forward to walking down memory lane and re finding the views the scenery and the atmosphere that was so much a part of my life a long time ago.

On Saturday my early May painting trip ended, I have to say the weather wasn’t up to much but we pretended most of the time that it was bright and sunny even though much of the time it was rainy.

Poppies in Provence

Judy painting poppies reluctant to open themselves to the gentle pitter patter of the rain.

St Tropez

Although windy we had a warm and sunny day in St Tropez and a great meal at Le Sardine!


My trips are filling up so if you think you would like to join Paint Provence with Tess either in Provence from the 9th – 16th September or in Palma de Mallorca from the 7th – 14th October please email me on http://www.tessa@tessasprovence.com.

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