Palma. Down memory lane.

So here I am no longer sitting in an airport but sitting in Anna’s apartment with a cuppa and my feet up after a splendid day out and a marvellous afternoon and evening yesterday. Anna picked me up from the airport and we dropped my bags at her flat and out we went around the town. Inundated with one more beautiful place to stop and take a photo after another and turn to Anna and say, ‘we could paint here oh and we could paint here and here and here and here’ Well I think you’ve got the jist there are plenty of places for us to paint in Palma town itself. Here are some of the beautiful scenes we can paint on our October Trip.


We walked into Palma from Anna’s and I think this maybe the first photo I took.

I am really not sure now which sequence they go in. It must be at least 23 years since I was here last and what I have been noticing is how much and how beautifully the place is being cleaned up, the Cathedral once black is now a soft creamy stone, there is a welcome warmth to all the buildings willing me to look at them, paint them even. Yes, yes I will come back and paint you!

A leisurely walk to the Cathedral and a look at the view from the Cathedral walls.

Pretty impressive me thinks!

One extraordinary building after another. Memories start to come back. When I was working here Ellie my sister and her then very small daughter Rosie came to stay with me for a week. One of the big treats was taking them round Palma in a horse and open carriage. And there are the carriages and horses still in the same place, still waiting for us to go for a ride around town. I look to see if I can see our driver from what must be 28 years ago. How would I recognise him? Maybe I would he had such a kind face. Ahh so much fun going down memory lane.

And Spain wouldn’t be Spain without Gaudi.


I have to end today’s post with this pretty house and it’s flowers. I will post again tomorrow. We had such a wonderful day out I want to tell you about it and show you some of the places I have chosen for us to paint in October. If you think you would like to come on my October trip it is 7th – 14th October this year and you can find the information on Paint Provence with Tess

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