Mallorquinan, magical, mystery tour.

Catching up with a dear friend and great beauty all around. On Wednesday Anna took me to Valledemossa where Chopin and George Sands lived once upon a time.

We had a lovely walk about and this is certainly a place I would like to bring my Paint Provence Students for a day. There is so much beauty and so much to paint. Then off we went to Deia home to Robert Graves and his family, Robert Graves died here in 1985. It is a stunning village. We didn’t stop here but we did drive down to Calle Deia to a spot where we used to go to lunch many years ago and where I took Ellie and Rosie to lunch too. It is stunning. We will definitely paint here and lunch here on our October trip.

After a quick stop here we drove to the Port of Soller, we both bought sun hats, drank fresh orange juice and watched the people go by. We may come here to paint, I am not sure yet.

From Soller to Fornalutx where we stopped for a Mallorquinan lunch of fritos mallorquinan of course! Very tasty and then a walk around this absolutely beautiful and well restored and cared for village on the hill. We will be stopping here for the day or at least for lunch and half the day.

IMG_0097The picturesque and more simple than most church in Fornalutx. Then off we drove again to Allero and Orient. The view down onto the village of Orient is a must to paint. Sadly I must have forgotton to take a photo of it. Enough was enough almost five pm and a lot of driving for Anna we went home for a lovely lazy evening at home.

Yesterday I went back to Deia with Eric a dear friend who I haven’t seen for at least 8 years and he took me to lunch at Calle Deia, which was so lovely, lots of chatting and reminicsing about the old days on the boat.

And of course the horse and carriage for you Ellie and Rosie.

If you think you would like to come on my October trip please go to Paint Provence with 

More from Mallorca later.


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