Terrace in the trees

Heavenly, sitting on our terrace with David, I am relaxed in the soft rays of the setting sun, glowing through the leaves of our Linden trees, the flowers are ready to be picked and dried for our bedtime tipple of relaxing tilleul, good for stress and anxiety and digestion, it has all the qualities for a good nights sleep. If only!


The garden and house are looking wonderful, we have been getting ready for summer renters and I am happy with all I see, apart from the barn!!

The jasmine is at it’s very best and finally the poppies are begining to appear, very late this year. I have been driving around with my paints and paper in the car for days now waiting to find the perfect poppy field to paint in. Well I have found one, it is on the road from Tourtour to Ampus, what a beautiful drive. I am teaching there tomorrow morning so I will take photos, paint and post!

Our house is totally hidden by the neflier tree which is laden in fruit. I am making neflier jelly, but it is not setting!! This is a perfect time of year to come on a painting trip in provence with Tess!

IMG_0192 2

My rose painting is finally finished and those pretty roses are withering ready to let the new buds arrive.

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