The Mistral is blowing in the Bouches-du-Rhône

I have been longing to come back to the Camargue for over a year. I often come with my neice Rosie who I believe loves it just a s much as me. Rosie if you are reading this, I am thinking of you and wish you were here with me. I was hoping to bring Paint Provence with Tess here but it didn’t happen this year. So I hope it will happen next year, or maybe I shall keep it to myself. Paint Provence with Tess dates for 2018 Spring/Summer are up and I will finish the rest of the year and 2019 over the next few days. Of course that is if I can pull myself away from the beauty of it all.

Something happens to me as I drive past Arles and come of at the turning for Saintes-Mairies-de-la-Mer.  The road is wide and straight, there are rice fields stretching out either-side of the road. The marshes wild yet inviting, their brackish smell feels like home. I feel an ache in my stomach, a yearning as if I am falling in love again. It is at once familiar and new. My heart swells with joy, I am so over excited I can barely contain myself, and there and there are my beloved Flaments Roses.


I am sitting at the window in my hotel room looking out over the Marais, it is peaceful here. A black swan preens herself and then waddles out of the water to eat some grass. The ducks are busy one minute and sitting huddled against the wind the next. The sun will soon be going down and my bench is in place ready to paint the sunset on the marsh. Maybe the birds are waiting too!

I have already used a lot of paper doing quick watercolour sketches of the flamingos and am worried I won’t have enough paper for tomorrow. Oh dear!





It takes about 2-3 seconds to paint them, they move so fast there is no time to capture a realistic image.



And here at the end of the day is my rather ungainly but magnificent black swan. I can’t seem to down load the photo’s of the sunset so I shall try again tomorrow. Sweet dreams.



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