So I have been off the radar for quite a while, busy cooking and then busy preparing for the best birthday of my life! All my sisters together for the first time in 22 years. Here we are below from left to right. Me, Ellie, Sarah, Candy and Charlie. We were all in England for my father who was going to be on a tv programme called ‘This is your life’

last few days - 31

It has been an extra ordinary week and I have been in heaven having my sisters and many relations here. Just a few photos tonight and my blogging will become more frequent as the nights draw in and I am not working so hard.


Sisters 22 years later. Charlie, me, Ellie, Sarah and Candy. Charlie and Candy came over from Australia to be part of the party and Ellie and Sarah came over from England.

We had so much fun and a great  day in the studio with my nieces Kim and Rosie.


Kim and Rosie choosing a gift each to take home with them.

last few days - 6

Paint brushes ready to go!

last few days - 32

Hard at work,

Kim on the left painting a Venice street vscene and Rosie to the right playing gloriously with colour.


Ellie sketching and painting her  beloved elephants and peacocks.

last few days - 38

Candy going wonderfully and brilliantly wild with my broken air brush.

last few days - 33

last few days - 35last few days - 37

The Australian Bush.

Charlie’s amazing flamingos.


Good thing I have a load of painterly cleaners outfits to protect us from our mess!


Flamingo’s everywhere!

tess's ellie

My very large chinese ink and brush elephant!

last few days - 17

And to end this post poppies and iris’s hanging together.



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